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Greetings! I’ve procrastinated writing this piece long enough. It’s time to dive in and trust my audience is willing to go with the flow. There’s a good chance I’ll obsessively edit, both before and after publishing. You’re welcome to check back periodically and see what’s new. …


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I’ve discovered the joy in sharing humor and even earned a Top Writer badge in this category. It’s a very prestigious badge allowing access to experiences and secret underground clubs I’m not at liberty to share here. …


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For this edition, we’ve scoured the MuddyUm-verse for more spaced-out humorous stories from our out of this world funny writers. Turn on the space music and put your feet up — unless you’re already floating in zero-g — and enjoy the read!

The story links below are ‘friend links’ so…


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What day is it? I seem to have written myself into an alternate universe. Or perhaps my daydreams of earning a million dollars as a writer have warped reality. In any case, today is the day I’m sending our latest collection of humor related to being a writer. …


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Life as a writer is inherently hilarious if your sense of humor has a heartbeat. Enjoy this collection — and look forward to more — as we inevitably keep writing about writing.

When the stories in this newsletter undoubtedly inspire you to write about your own experiences, submit yours in…


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Music is entertaining and fun. We sing along, we dance, and sometimes we laugh. Maybe that’s why music has “charms to soothe a savage breast.” We Outlaws are known for our savage breasts! So writing about music should come naturally.

Have you drafted a funny sea shanty, novelty song, or…


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Life as a writer is inherently hilarious if your sense of humor still has a heartbeat after years of self-promotion and penny pinching. Submit your amusing tales of writer’s life to MuddyUm. Chances are, the editors and readers will find it relatable and laugh-worthy.

Depending on our volatile moods, and…


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When MuddyUm stats become an obsession, it’s a slippery downhill slope. Without intervention, depression can set in. If you are reading this, there is still hope for you.

The good news is, you’re not so depressed you’re buried in bed avoiding MuddyUm altogether. The not-so-good news is, due to the…


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I learned a lesson. Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

— Ron Swanson

After interviewing more life coaches than I can count on both hands, I finally found my match. Ron Swanson has taught me how to be unabashedly myself. …


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Everybody poops. There’s no delicate way to lead into an article about a pooping stool. Just as facial tissues became known as Kleenex, this revolutionary bathroom item is popularly called by the brand name Squatty Potty. …

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